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Nutty Guinness Cake

This cake is everything
Its delicious, its tasty, its fruity, its crunchy, its beautiful, it has a deep rich Guinness taste to it.
Yes, i used real guiness stout to make it with lots of almond nut,  toasted coconut and lots of fruits presoaked in brandy. The guiness stout in it does not make it an alcoholic cake because the alcohol evaporates when the cake is baking inside the oven.  So its safe for everyone.
The bitter taste of the stout overpowered the sugar in the cake so its basically a sugar less cake.
Ladies, your boos will love this cake,  mums,  dads and everyone who don't like sugar will appreciate it.
To order, kindly call or whatsapp Cynthia on 07034794947 or 08097829359. We deliver to homes and offices.


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