We are specialized in baking and delivering of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, cup cakes and making of different kind of snacks such as meat-pie,meat roll,small chops,chin-chin,meat balls and donuts. Our cakes and snacks are rich, tasty and very affordable. We deliver to anywhere in Abuja!

Gucci cake

Items Available For Sale.

Our prices are market prices, all items are very affordable. Pictures will be uploaded later here but they are currently on our Facebook and instagram pages.
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Butter (topper,  simas and napa)
Icing sugar
Baking powder (small and medium)
Baking soda (big and small)
Flavours (foster clark)
CMC (medium and small)
Gelatine (satchet, medium & small)
Glucose (medium)
Excel sponge
Black treacles
Glucose syrup
Corn flour
Cake softner
Edible spirit
Cocoa powder
Brandy (small)
Squadron (medium)
Cake sprinkles
Crisco (big and small)
Mixed fruits
Acabado colours
Whipping cream powder.

Vinegar (big and small)
Foil paper
Meatpie cutter
Samosa maker
Rubber spatular
Pallette knife
Baking pans
Cupcake pan
Cupcake baking paper
Dowel rod
Candle rolling pin (wilton)
Wooden rolling pin
Embossed rolling pin
Measuring cup
Measuring spoon
Artist brush
Modelling tools
Rose silicon mould
Fondant cutters
Fondant smoother
Icing set
Piping bags
Players for football cake
Barbie doll (big and small)
Stickers (Spiderman, Sofia, Dora etc)
Alphabet cutter
Cloud cutter
WOW cutter
Wedding cake wrapper
Edible marker
Ribbon cutter
Pizza cutter (wheel cutter)
Donut cutter
Icing comb
Digital scale
Flower making set
Cake wrapper
Cake boxes (sizes 8" upto 16")
Cake boards round and square)
Turn table/wedding cake stand.


We sell baking materials and cake decoration tools.

Welcome to Baking materials and cake tools page. We sell all kinds of quality ingredients for baking all kinds of cakes and making pastries. Pastry tools such as meatpie cutter samosa maker,  egg whisk and cake decoration tools upto cake pans,  boards and boxes are available.
We can deliver to you if you stay far in town for  a little delivery fee.
All products listed here are available.
Some of the pictures used are google images but same exact product is available in our store.
Our shop is located Opposite Karu Central Mosque, before Ecwa church in Karu village FCT.
To contact us,  kindly call or whatsapp 07034794947 or 08097829359.
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  We are proud to introduce our new concept called "MY BAKERS BAG"  to you.  This is a package for anyone and everyone who bakes and those who have interest in baking.  There's no age barrier as parents can purchase this baking package for their kids to practice and nurture their baking talent in the comfort of their homes.  We have three options: My bakers bag A (Basic)  My bakers bag B (Classic)  My bakers bag C (Super).

MY BAKERS BAG A contains the following: *** a set of baking pan
*** a 14", 12" and 10" cake boards
*** 1kg ready made fondant
*** 2litre bowl of ready made buttercream icing
 *** 1kg flour and all ingredients needed to make an 11" or 10" cake or two 8" cakes or four 6" cakes.
***one each of ACABADO pink and blue colours.
 ***this bag will contain ingredients that you can use to make up to 5 different flavours of cakes eg vanilla, red velvet, chocolate, fruit cake, marble cake, butterscotch and strawberry cake.
 *** if you don't have an oven, i will show you how to bake with stove after you purchase the bag.
 *** 2 yards of cake wrapper will be included
*** delivery service/option available to locations within Abuja and outside Abuja.  PRICE #10,000
 Delivery within Abuja is #1,000.
  N. B : please note that the baking powder, baking soda, milk, vineger, browning  and rum are each in 100g bottles and above. So you will have lots of leftovers to use in your next baking project. 😀👌


MY BAKERS BAG B   This bag is a step up of bag A and it contains all the contents of package A with the following additions.  The content of this bag will enable you bake cakes and make pastries.
  ***all the baking materials in bag A
*** complete ingredients for making fondant
***complete ingredients for making buttercream icing
  *** extra 1kg of flour,  butter and sugar.  *** corn flour
 ***meatpie cutter,  samosa maker, wheel cutter, egg whisk, flour sieve (for meatpie,  samosa and springrolls)
*** measuring cup &  spoons
 ***icing set, 3 cookie cutters, buttercream icing comb, smooth rolling pin, palette knife. 

Price #21,800
Delivery #1000
  N.B: please note that this particular package is flexible. Baking tools you don't want can be removed and the price will reduce. 

MY BAKERS BAG C This content of this bag is everything in Bags A & B with addition of a Master chef self rotating cake mixer.   Price is #36,800
 Delivery is #1000. 

Call/whatsapp Cynthia on 07034794947 or 08097829359 for more details and enquiries.

Thank you.


... Are you a baker?
... Are you an aspiring baker?
... Do you love cakes and everything baking related but don't know how to go about it? ... Do you wish to practice and grow your baking talent in the comfort of your home? ... Are you confused about what to buy in order to practice the baking knowledge you have?
 ... Do you want to bake but due to work and time factors you can't buy the needed materials to bake?
 ... Do you have kids, friends, sisters who are crazy about cakes and pastries but don't know how to get what they need to  catch their fun in baking?
THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Details coming up.

Rich fruit cupcakes

These cupcakes are very tasty, delicious and fruity.  They can be served in weddings and any other event.

To order, kindly call or whatsapp Cynthia on 07034794947 or 08097829359.

Uniced 4" Mini Cakes.

These are 4" and 6" uniced cakes. Can come in any flavour of your choice.  Its suitable for gifts, gift packs,  souvenirs for weddings and can be served to guests lightly frosted and topped with fruits, chocolates etc. 

To order, please call or whatsapp Cynthia on 07034794947 or 08097829359. 

Nutty Guinness Cake

This cake is everything
Its delicious, its tasty, its fruity, its crunchy, its beautiful, it has a deep rich Guinness taste to it.
Yes, i used real guiness stout to make it with lots of almond nut,  toasted coconut and lots of fruits presoaked in brandy. The guiness stout in it does not make it an alcoholic cake because the alcohol evaporates when the cake is baking inside the oven.  So its safe for everyone.
The bitter taste of the stout overpowered the sugar in the cake so its basically a sugar less cake.
Ladies, your boos will love this cake,  mums,  dads and everyone who don't like sugar will appreciate it.
To order, kindly call or whatsapp Cynthia on 07034794947 or 08097829359. We deliver to homes and offices.

Currant bread.

Fresh homemade currant bread. Perfect for breakfast and of course as a snack because its absolutely delicious 👌👌👌👌👌
 30 of these yummy babies cost only #3000.
To order,  kindly call or whatsapp Cynthia on 07034794947 or 08097829359, we deliver to homes and offices.

Life size spider man cake.

To order, kindly call or whatsapp Cynthia on 07034794947 or 08097829359. We deliver to homes and offices in Abuja. 

Paw patrol and spiderman cakes.

Thomas The Engine Cake

Beautiful cartoon character cake. All kids love Thomas the engine. It was fun making this  cake. 

Lovers cakes

Dessert cupcakes and cake

Talk about cupcakes with a class,  this one takes the lead. Heavily loaded and  very tasty too. 
However you want it, you will get it. 

Just ring us up and its a done deal. 

Call/whatsapp Cynthia on 07034794947 or 08097829359. 

Castle cakes with Princess and Dinosaur.

Cake for a fashion designer.

Its a panel cake made for a fashion designer. Its like a 4 in 1 cake, Fondant, buttercream, dessert and object cake all rolled into one. The top is first filled with vanilla milk buttercream and then  heavily loaded with grapes and kiwi fruits, a mannequin,  measuring tape and scissors...all edible.

To order for a cake or surprise your loved one in Abuja with  a cake, simply call /whatsapp Cynthia on 07034794947, 08097829359 . We deliver to homes and offices.

Cakes and pastries for all occasions 3

We are available 24/7 to take your order.  All you have to do is give us a vall on 07034794947 or 08097829359, our cakes and pastries are also on our instagram page @cynhamscakesabuja and Facebook @Cynhams cakes.