We are specialized in baking and delivering of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, cup cakes and making of different kind of snacks such as meat-pie,meat roll,small chops,chin-chin,meat balls and donuts. Our cakes and snacks are rich, tasty and very affordable. We deliver to anywhere in Abuja!

Cookies, meatrolls, meatpie, Smallchops, meatballs and burger bread.

We are now take orders for cookies, meatballs, meatrolls,  meatpie and burger (conference)  bread.




Meatrolls and meatpie 

Cookies glazed with chocolate. 

Assorted cookies. 

Burger bread. 


Wristwatch themed cakes.

I had so much fun making these cakes.  When i get orders for object cakes like this, I'm always excited. 
Though it takes alot of calculations to get it done right and space management is another factor that must be put into consideration. One thing i observed is that wristwatch cakes requires a large surface area so that the there will be enough space to accommodate all the features of the watch. 

All shades of beauty. Both kiddies and adult cakes.

This post contains both buttercream and fondant cakes including kiddies cakes,  shirt cakes,  object cakes etc. 

To order for a cake or surprise your loved one in Abuja with  a cake, simply call /whatsapp Cynthia on 07034794947, 08052874411,  bbm pin is 559D2D52 .  We deliver to homes and offices.