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This post is a collection of my barbie doll, Sofia the first and Dora the Explorer cakes. These cakes are always delicate to handle but they always come out stunning. Every baby girl loves a barbie......... won't you make one for yours?
More Beautiful Barbie, Sofia And Dora Cakes Below

PANEL CAKES (with a twist!)

Panel cake designs are normally 100% fondant. But i decided to do something a lil different and more special by making mine 2 in 1 fondant and buttercream dessert panel cakes. The twist to mine is the buttercream and fruit toppings on top of the cake instead of fondant.

The idea to make this type of cake came to me when i had an order to deliver a butter cream dessert cake to a client based in a far location. knowing fully well that the tendency for the body of the cake to get messed up is high, mostly due to the bumpy roads and potholes, an idea suddenly came to me; "why not convince this client to let you wrap the side of this cake with fondant after coating with a thick layer of butter cream"?  This way, the client still gets to enjoy her creamy cake and more importantly, she gets her cake 100% neat!

I spoke to the client about my suggestion backing it up with reasons. She loved the idea totally and my 2 in 1 Panel Buttercream Dessert cake was born.

    As its depicted in the pictures below, the cakes are all double layered with cream filling, with mild to heavy coating with cream round the entire cake.
the sides of the cake is then carefully wrapped with fondant, the fondant of course is decorated to taste. Then the top of the cake which already has cream filling is loaded with fruits of choice, cookies or wafers with buttercream pipings. See More Panel Cakes After The Cut