We are specialized in baking and delivering of birthday cakes, wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, cup cakes and making of different kind of snacks such as meat-pie,meat roll,small chops,chin-chin,meat balls and donuts. Our cakes and snacks are rich, tasty and very affordable. We deliver to anywhere in Abuja!

Beautiful Cakes.

See more pictures after the cut

I love challenges.  I want to bake and decorate cakes that will bring out the best of creativity in me.

** the first cake is a 3 layered yummy moist banana cake filled with strawberry and cherry butter cream.
**The second cake is a 2 layered coconut and fruit cake.
** The third one is a moist coconut cake.
** The last was decorated during a practical section with a student. OUR COCONUT CAKES ARE PREPARED WITH STIR FRIED COCONUT FLAKES. This makes the cake crunchy but yet very moist and yummy.


Lae'rene said...
3 January 2014 at 10:31

I love the 2nd cake. Those eyes r pretty :)

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